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At ANZ Painting Services we are the premier eco-accredited painting company in the South Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. With over 23 years in the trade, we specialise in a range of painting solutions. Our highly qualified team is managed by a fifth generation painter and decorator, who understands that giving your home a coat of fresh paint requires attention to detail, quality-products and a level of skill that is only achieved after years in the trade.

Our team work together to ensure that you will always get the best finish possible for your home or business to give you a fresh and clean look that will bring life into your home. Our professional team are experts in a range of services including interior painting, exterior painting, tennis court painting, texture, stucco, wall plastering, wallpaper application and removal, fence painting and wood panel detailing. We can also assist with the general maintenance and upkeep of your property and we provide fine detailing for period home painting features or intricately designed furniture in South Melbourne.

With such a wide range of services available, at ANZ Painting Services we are able to help you with the most difficult and complicated areas of your home. From textured stucco to fine grain timber panels, no matter the surface we have a focus on quality finishes to give you the look you want at a fair price.

We achieve our high quality finishes because we use the finest quality materials available, At ANZ Painting Services, we only use the latest long-lasting and non-toxic paints available. As a green, certified painter we offer an affordable eco-friendly painting solution that will be safer for you and your family without compromising on quality. We use ultraviolet, protective, heat reflective products for all of our exterior jobs, helping to guard your home from the harsh South Melbourne weather conditions.

At ANZ Painting Services, we are confinement that our team consists of the best painters in South Melbourne, who pride themselves on quality finishes, great customer service and a high attention to detail. We work together with our clients and will help to guide you with colour and texture advice should you need it during every aspect of the job.

We are able to visit with you at your property, at a convenient time to offer you with a no-obligation quote. At ANZ Painting we service areas in the South Melbourne region including Albert Park, Hawthorn, Brighton and surrounds. Painters Melbourne. painters melbourne

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