Green Eco Painting

At ANZ Painting Services we deliver more than just a high quality and flawless finish for your residential, commercial or industrial space. We are an accredited green painter that services the South Melbourne region. With over 18 years in the industry, we understand the negative impacts that painting can have on your home, health and the environment. We have worked hard to become a green accredited painter so that we can help to protect your family, staff, the general public and the environment from the impact of paint.

A green painting accreditation ensures that we use environmentally friendly paints that will dramatically reduce the amount of toxins release after application. Environmentally friendly paints only produce a little if any odour during application and no odour once dry so you can be sure that you are not breathing in any toxic gases.

Theses fast drying paints also allow the areas that have painted to be occupied as soon as the paint has dried which will minimise disruption to your home or business in south Melbourne. This type of painting is perfect for people with sensitivities, pregnant women, babies, children, the elderly and large complexes with ducted air-conditioning such as office buildings, hospitals, schools, shopping centres and more.

The team at ANZ Painting Services are experts in applying these fast-drying environmentally friendly paints. They will work quickly and thoroughly to ensure there are no streaks or spillages to achieve the best possible result for your home or business. We are able to come to your premises in South Melbourne at a time that suits your to offer a free quote and consultation to start your eco-friendly painting job today.

We understand the disruption that painting can cause to a home or business so we offer flexible working times and timelines. We will also ensure we leave our workspace clean and tidy and dispose of any waste in an ethical manner. For a positive painting solution that provides a high quality finish, contact us today at ANZ Painting Services. We services South Melbourne, Albert Park, Hawthorn, Brighton and surrounding suburbs. Green eco painting South Melbourne.